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The members of directing committee

The members of directing committee:

Mr. Manochehr Rezaei: Chairman of the Malayer Raisin producers and exporters Association Regarding the importance of creating organizations. It is started that the organizations establish a relationship between government and the private sector and through this interaction can take steps to resolve some of the problems that the format of a business has to deal with and in addition to meeting their common needs, they are committed to eliminating barriers and business prosperity.

In many cases, by organizing same meetings with representatives of the three powers of the country in the city and province, the appropriate proposals for removing some obstacles and the design of ambiguities among the members of the committee would prevent negative contests and create a healthy competition environment. In addition, by performing some trade coordination and eliminating ambiguities, it prevented the creation of negative competition and provided a healthy competition environment.

Therefore, with my suggestion and the sincerity of cooperation and some of the pioneers of this class and other members, the foundation of the Association of manufacturers and exporters of Raisin Malayer was established and in good agreement with the office of the General Administration of commerce of the province and the General Directorate of labor and social Affairs of the province were registered.

  1. Mr. Khosro Hatami: Wise- president.
  2. Mr. Reza Chegini: Treasurer.
  3. Mr. Davoud Kashani: Member of directing- committee.
  4. Mr. Davoud Hassanvand: Member of directing- committee.
  5. Organizing various meeting with parliamentarians in different periods, officials of organization and export opinion to strengthen the export of the city, especially in the field of raisins.
  6. Perform various programs by inviting members of the organization and following the legal demands of the members in various ways.