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The importance of community activities

The importance of community activities and services from the beginning to now:

Since it was the only legal organization in the city and province, it considering the followings and the effect of the export of raisins in the share of export of the city and province and its position was fixed and noticed by authorities.

Therefore, according to the demands of the activities and especially the exporters of raisins in the city which each year account for about 50 percent of the province’s exports that  follow through the law enforcement agencies and take actions under the jurisdiction.

  1. Because wastewater from raisin units was dismissed by the environmental department, it was invited by the universities and private companies to establish are finery on the agenda of the association. Since the past few years a number of units have been refurbished and measures have been taken to prevent emissions from the environment department.
  2. Due to the gas supply to Malayer and the necessity of using raisin units from natural gas. The necessary measures were taken and the operation of gas supply to the Arak Road Route units was carried out with the interaction and cooperation with the gas company.
  3. Coordination between the food inspection directorate of Hamedan University of medical sciences and Malayer raisin units to prevent the closures of these units.
  4. Coordinating with the Customs Department of the provincial Government for direct export of raisins from Malayer to different countries
  5. Relationship with the Management of Jahad Agriculture in Malayer and the transfer of demands to raise the quality of raisin product by supplying subsurface and basket by gardeners and then proper storage by raisin units.
  6. Interaction with Islamic parliament in different times and solving some of the problems, tax crimes that were based on environmental a statements for raisin units.
  7. The consolidation of the private sector and importance of it by establishing this organization and the right to accept it among the public sector and to adopt the value of the private sector.
  8. Follow the subject through the tax office and accepting that the raisin in a city of export and the rules of the export must govern it.
  9. Cooperation and follow up of the establishment of customs office in the city in accordance with the necessity of existence in cooperation with Hamedan chamber of commerce.
  10. To eliminate the problem of wastewater from raisin units to the construction of a refinery, contact with Malayer Water Company for the transfer of wastewater to the Malayer city Refinery for 7 years.
  11. Follow up the assignment of a wellbore from the water company to supply the water needed by the raisin units located on the Arak road and continue to follow the water supply of these units from the Kalan Malayer dam line through the water.
  12. Membership and attendance at relevant meetings of the city and province and the country as a legitimate organization and the design of the issues and problems of this section and the pursuit of topics.
  13. Advising city and provincial authorities on various issues, especially those related to the members of this organization.
  14. Cooperation and interaction with offices and organizations for holding various occasions during the activity of the association.
  15. Reviewing approved laws and regulations regarding export and providing executive suggestions to authorities during different periods.
  16. Organizing various meetings with parliamentarians in different periods, official of organization and export opinions to strengthen the export of the city, especially in the field of raisins.
  17. Perform various programs by inviting members of the organization and following the legal demands of the members in various ways.