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Importance of the programs and duties of the association

  1. Contributing to the development of city exports and increasing the role of exports in production; employment and income of the city.
  2. Promoting Export culture in order to understand the importance and role of exports and its effects in raising the quality and reducing trash due to competition.
  3. Helping to communicate and co–ordinate between Malayer,s production and export units and preventing unhealthy competition.
  4. Helping to strengthen and export position in the economy of the city and country and the effective presence of the city’s export goods in the domestic in and international communication to strengthen the industrial, scientific and export capacities of the city.
  5. Supporting common interests of members and providing advisory services and legal support to members.
  6. Evaluating barriers and problems of exporting production and reflection of problems to the mergers of the executive agencies of the city and province and country.
  7. Participate in the meetings of the Development and Export Committee of the city and province and meetings related to the production and planning of the city and province and the proposal of the exporters at these meetings.
  8. Attract the cooperation of the banks and financial institutions and the Export Guarantee fund to meet the financial needs of the members.
  9. Assisting in the strengthening of export associations and contacts with homogeneous organizations, including the Association of Commerce of exporters of the province, the house of industry, the Chamber of Commerce and exporting union both inside and outside the province.
  10. Collaboration in sending business tours and marketing abroad.
  11. Organizing training classes in accordance with member’s work schedules.
  12. Applying encouraging policies to members and suggesting sample export units of the city to the relevant legal authorities.
  13. Providing expert suggestions and comments to the relevant authorities.
  14. Conducting and equipping the city’s experts and exporters using all the facilities, talents, and capabilities of the city in exporting goods with increasing quality and reducing prices in competitive markets.
  15. Balancing between public sector entities associated with the private sector (Raisin Indus troy Activists)